The Independent Group of Public Ambulatory Care Institutions Warsaw-Ochota


SZPZLO Warszawa-Ochota is a medical facility conducting internships for medical students.
In order to complete the internship, the student should provide:
  • an application with a request for a practicum;
  • an practicum referral
  • a public liability insurance certificate (a certified copy);
  • current medical examinations (a certified copy);
  • a certificate of hepatitis B vaccination (a certified copy)
The application for a practicum should be submitted to the secretariat of SZPZLO Warszawa-Ochota. 
SZPZLO Warszawa-Ochota
ul. Szczęśliwicka 36
02-353 Warsaw
phone: 22 659 72 71
        22 822 32 21 (25) internal 120
fax: 22 823 12 19
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