The Independent Group of Public Ambulatory Care Institutions Warsaw-Ochota


The Independent Group of Public Ambulatory Care Institutions Warsaw-Ochota (SZPZLO Warszawa-Ochota), based at ul. Szczęśliwickiej 36 in Warsaw, is an institution with more than 50 years of tradition. In its structure, it gathers 10 medical centers located in a vast area of districts: Ochota, Ursus and the gmina of Raszyn. It covers the medical care of over than 60,000 patients. The group has more than 40 specialist clinics and diagnostic laboratories employing around 100 doctors.
SZPZLO Warszawa-Ochota provides health services aimed at preserving, restoring and improving the health of patients in every age group in primary and specialized health care; dental and prosthetic services; psychiatric care and psychological therapy; addiction treatment; rehabilitation and medical therapy; imaging and laboratory diagnostics. Our team's primary goal is to maintain high quality medical services and promote primary and specialized health care tailored to the needs and expectations of patients. We conduct educational and training activities in the area of prevention and promotion of health. For several years, prevention and health programs have been implemented for patients, financed by the municipal authorities of Warsaw and the National Health Fund. For many years we issued free of charge a patient's quarterly "Ochota na Zdrowie".
We strive to ensure decent conditions and development for the future. To fulfill this mission, we took a great effort to change the image of SZPZLO. Our clinics are modernized and repaired, the architectural barriers for disabled people are being abolished, the process of widening and modernizing diagnostic facilities is under way. Excellent supervision of medical devices and equipment, and systematic control of infrastructure improve the safety of patients and workers. Additional specialist clinics are being set up regularly, and staff continues to improve their qualifications through various training sessions. The diagnostic base is constantly being expanded and equipped with modern medical equipment meeting the most important quality standards.
SZPZLO Warszawa-Ochota is efficiently and competently managed. It has state-of-the-art technology and uses modern methods to offer a range of quality services. Thanks to the modernization we have the opportunity to develop and strengthen our market position with growing competition.
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